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2 συλλαβές 3 συλλαβές αβά αβανιά αισθητά αμολά απλωτά αρχινά αχλαδιά αβγά ...
Social Benefits of Singing

Social Benefits of Singing

Singing can widen your circle of friends: Whether you’re in a choir or simply enjoy singing karaoke ...
Benefits of Singing

Benefits of Singing

Group singing is cheaper than therapy, healthier than drinking, and certainly more fun than working out. It ...

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Become a Vocal Coach

Above all else, a vocal coach continues his or her own vocal training

A vocal coach is a music teacher who instructs singers on how to improve their singing technique, take care of and develop their voice, and prepare for the performance of a song or other work.
Vocal coaches may give private music lessons or group workshops or masterclasses to singers.
They may also coach singers who are rehearsing on stage, or who are singing during a recording session.


  • It enables you to meet more people
  • Is a forum for sharing
  • Brings people together and encourages a sense of community
  • Offers opportunity for giving and receiving positive feedback
  • A forum for fun & laughter
  • Support
  • Provides a safe environment to try new skills
  • Brings people together. Give it a try!

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